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Who We Are

We specialize in managing long-only portfolios focused on small and micro-cap equities, aiming to maximize long term returns through compounding while diligently mitigating risks to safeguard capital for our clients.

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Our Investment Success

We invest in high quality, durable growth businesses with sustainable competitive advantages seeking predictable returns and downside protection.

90%+ Active Share
30-55 Holdings
17 Years on Average

Small Cap Investing

  • Strategy Established: 2003
  • Vehicles: SMA, Mutual Fund, LP
  • Benchmark: Russell 2000 Growth

Micro Cap Investing

  • Strategy Established: 2014
  • Vehicles: SMA, Mutual Fund
  • Benchmark: Russell Microcap Growth 

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We Invest Sustainably

ESG integration helps us develop a more complete picture of the companies in which we invest. By incorporating original company-by-company risk and ESG analysis and direct engagement, we are actively filling an information gap inherent in coverage of many smaller companies.

  • Original Research

    We are passionate about conducting deep original research on U.S. small & micro cap companies that are often uncovered by Wall Street.

  • Assessing Materiality

    Guided by the SASB framework, we seek to understand what the most important risks, opportunities, and factors are for each company.

  • Engaging Management

    Discussing sustainability issues with management helps fill the information gap & uncover the most important issues affecting their company.

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